Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Old Homestead bringing it home

As soon as I learned the location of Jackie & Chases's big day I was in love with this wedding! I love the The Old Homestead in Crockett, CA and this job really brought it all home for me, kind of full circle I guess.

My first "paid" wedding florals were a delivery to the same location about 5 years prior.
I remember how terrified I was as I assembled and arranged those flowers really having no idea what I was doing and praying that the bride would like them & now with a few weddings under my belt I was so excited to be creating flowers to be on display at this beautiful venue once again!

I had no idea where flowers would take me way back then and I am excited to continue this adventure one wedding at a time.  Here are some beautiful photos the bride sent over to me!


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